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HP 5820 multicast on bridge aggregation

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HP 5820 multicast on bridge aggregation



I'm having some problems doing multicasting over 2 servers with either having 2x 10G in a bridge of which both 10G uplinks are on an IRF set, switch 1 has one uplink, switch 2 has one.


Both are on the same vlan.


I tried using igmp snooping or a multicast vlan but it seems none of the options work as the servers only see themselves and not the other one.


Isn't it possible to do multicasting over a bridge? Or am I missing something?



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Re: HP 5820 multicast on bridge aggregation

Multicast works just like broadcast traffic in that it will be flooded over a layer2 segment.


If the servers are in the same subnet and can ping each other then they should see each other via multicast as well, with no additional config.

(IGMP snooping is to cut down on the flooding so that the multicast is only sent out the required switchports instead of all switchports).


Assuming the Layer2 network is properly configured, maybe the application isn't setup with the correct multicast addresses?