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Re: HP 5900 Switch - CISCO VOIP phones won't pull IP

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HP 5900 Switch - CISCO VOIP phones won't pull IP

TL/DR: Workstation (VLAN 100) > CISCO VOIP Phone (VLAN 200) > HP 5900 L2 Switch.  Phones do not pick up any IP's.   

Hoping someone can find my errors, i've never configurd an HP switch before. The 5900 is being used as a L2 switch and I have Cisco VOIP phones hanging off the SW Ports and workstations that hang off the VOIP phones.  Workstations are in Vlan 100 and VOIP phone are (supposed to be) in VLAN 200. In my other offices running delll switches this setup works fine but in my new office the phones just won't pull an IP from VLAN 200.  I pulled configs off my Dell's to use as a guideline for configuring the HP, but it's proving to not be effective. 

I can get workstations running on their respective VLAN 100 but the phones won't pull an IP.  Initially when I had the port set up, the VOIP phones were pulling IP's from my workstation VLAN but that stopped once I enabled voice vlan 200.  Anyway this is the current config on my ports, Spending a week trying to get my phones working is terrible. 

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/1
     port link-mode bridge
     port link-type hybrid
     port hybrid vlan 100 untagged
     port hybrid pvid vlan 100
     voice-vlan 200 enable
     lldp compliance admin-status cdp txrx

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/48  <---------uplink port to core
     port link-mode bridge
     port link-type trunk
     port trunk permit vlan 100 200

*LLDP and CDP are enabled globally*

any help appreciated!

Ian Vaughan
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Re: HP 5900 Switch - CISCO VOIP phones won't pull IP


With the 5900 being a Comware v7 Data Centre switch I wasn't aware that the "edge connectivity" featureset that you find on the likes of the 5130ei / 5510 etc had been implemented on these platforms.

There's a load of voice vlan and POE stuff that took a few goes to get completely right on the 5130ei (the first "edge" Comware v7 switch) I'm happy to be proved wrong but I don't think that stuff is even on a 5900 class switch.

Assuming I'm flat wrong and it *should* work - have you tried turning off the voice vlan security feature? The Cisco phones tend to have the OUI's all over the place between different models insteam of standardising on a sequence.

Hope that helps.


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Re: HP 5900 Switch - CISCO VOIP phones won't pull IP

Get rid of "hybrid" mode before you do anything else.

Can you confirm whether your DHCP server is receiving any requests on VLAN 200?
Where is the DHCP server? On this switch?

You might be trying to troubleshoot two things at once. Maybe DHCP isn't working or maybe your VLAN/IP addressing isn't setup right.

You need to prove the latter is OK before moving on to troubleshooting DHCP:
 - setup an access port on the 5900 that has VLAN 200 untagged on it.
 - Configure a laptop with the IP addressing detail that matches your DHCP scope detail: an IP address in the right subnet, the same GW and the same subnet mask.
 - Patch your laptop into the port and:
                 - ping your default gateway
 - once you achieve success, reconfigure your laptop to DHCP
                 - successfully receive a VLAN200 ip address from DHCP

Only now try putting your phone into a trunk port on the switch that has VLAN200 tagged.

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Re: HP 5900 Switch - CISCO VOIP phones won't pull IP


I can't test it directly on the 5900 platform (i only have the 10Gig fiber interface models 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+) 

So assuming the 5900 1Gig copper model has the same features as say the 5130, I can give you some hints about what does work.  (Can the 5900 - do PoE?)

I'm tracking lldp for voice-vlan assignment (added in global config). If this is not working for you (could be dependant on the specific phone you're using) you might want to add the mac-addresses manually.


voice-vlan track lldp 

and on the interface, i have:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2
description Test af VoiceVlan - sdide
port link-type trunk
undo port trunk permit vlan 1
port trunk permit vlan 503 599
port trunk pvid vlan 599
voice-vlan qos trust
voice-vlan 503 enable
poe enable
poe detection-mode simple

Now the Phone tries to pull an address in vlan 503, and the device connected in the phone tries to pull an address in 599. (Of course this only works if this everything is setup correctly with the DHCP servers, etc - I assume that part is checked. I neede simple mode detection for the phone I tested (CP-7941G)



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