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HP 5900AF Voice vlan enable

Eric Hutchinson_2
Occasional Advisor

HP 5900AF Voice vlan enable

I have an HP 5900 AF running Comware 7. I am passing a vlan through the switch that has voice (VOIP) packets. The brand of the phone is MITEL. No phones are actually connected to the switch itself. The switch just passes the vlan through to another switch which is a Procurve. This Procurve switch has all of the relevant QOS settings on it. I was informed by my phone vendor that I needed to setup QOS on all switches that pass the voice packets. Does anyone have any info on how to do this? Mind you the switch only passes the voice packets. No phones are connected to the switch. The phones do work but we have noticed audio problems.



Eric Hutchinson_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP 5900AF Voice vlan enable

Just a bit more detail that may help someone help me. I have discovered that the problem seems to happen(Jitter and packet loss) when the VOIP call trafic passes between the two HP 5900 AF switches. All traffic that stays on my network is very clean and error free. As far as bandwidth you would think I have enough. The link is a Bridged Aggregate running on dual ten gigabit fiber interfaces between the two HP 5900 AF switches. Yet when the call traffic has to use the link between the two switches is where the problem shows up in jitter and packet loss. We have a consultant that instructed me to use the qos trust dot1p in all the interface statements between the two HP 5900 AF switches and the procurve switches the traffic is passed to. I am finding out what I might? need is a properly configured QOS setup between the two HP 5900 AFs. The phones are MITEL and the VOIP controllers are MITEL as well. Any help would be appreciated.