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HP 5900af working and non working VLAN's

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HP 5900af working and non working VLAN's

We've some CentOS 6.5 servers and the interfaces are setup as a VLAN (ifcfg-eth0.2, ifcfg-eth0.5 and so on).


On the switch I configured the VLAN's and added port GigabitEthernet 1/0/2 to all the apprioriate VLAN's. VLAN 5 to 10 are tagged hybrid on port 1/0/2 and VLAN 2 is untagged on hybrid port 1/0/2


VLAN 2 is our public VLAN, and on the server it is configured in ifcfg-eth0.2 with an external IP. But I can`t ping to our from the server. Our other VLAN's are working fine, I can ping VLAN 5 to 10 from the server and from the switch to the attached IP on the server.


So it's working for 90%, only VLAN 2 has some troubles. At this moment I've no clue what is going on and would appriciate some input.



Description: GigabitEthernet1/0/2 Interface
Loopback is not set
Media type is twisted pair
Port hardware type is 1000_BASE_T
1000Mbps-speed mode, full-duplex mode
Link speed type is autonegotiation, link duplex type is autonegotiation
Flow-control is not enabled
The Maximum Frame Length is 10000
Allow jumbo frame to pass
Broadcast MAX-ratio: 100%
Multicast MAX-ratio: 100%
Unicast MAX-ratio: 100%
Mdi type: automdix
Port link-type: hybrid
 Tagged Vlan:   5-10  
 UnTagged Vlan: 2  
Port priority: 0
Last clearing of counters: Never



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Re: HP 5900af working and non working VLAN's



When you make the ifcfg-eth0.2 interface, the linux host will transmit tagged vlan 2 packets, while the switch is configured to expect untagged packets and assign these to vlan 2.

So either:

* change switch config to support vlan 2 tagged

* reconfigure the linux host ifcfg-eth0.2 to the base ifcfg-eth0 interface (which is used for the untagged traffic)


Hope this helps,