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[HP 6125 Switch] Problems with basic configuration


[HP 6125 Switch] Problems with basic configuration

Hello, guys!
I'm having some strange problems with connecting blade-servers to different VLANs across 6125 switch.
In attachment below you can see my connection scheme.


Customer has 3 VLANs on his core Alcatel Switch: native, untagged 1 and 34-35 tagged vlans.
All of these vlans come to 6125 switch through 2 links with the same configuration.
I mean, all 3 VLANs are accessible from these  both 2 links on 6125 switch.


I need to configure correct vlans on my 6125 switch:
- Untagged Vlan 1 will be available to all ESXi-hosts which are installed on each blade server in c3000 enclosure.
This will be a network with management interfaces of ESXi.
- Tagged Vlan 34 and 35 will be also available to all hosts to get an ip-address. I need this network to deploy vCenter server and some virtual machines.


In another words, I need one blade server to set an ip address in VLAN 1, and another blade server in VLAN 35. These both hosts must ping each other and must be available from the core switch and the whole network.


To resolve this task I tried to configure 6125 switch this way:


# VLAN 1 untagged configuration 


interface vlan-interface 1

ip address 24


#VLAN 34  tagged configuration

vlan 34

interface vlan-interface 34

ip address 27


#VLAN 35  tagged configuration

vlan 35

interface vlan-interface 35

ip address 27


#Port GigabitEthernet 1/1/5 Configuration

interface gig1/1/5 

port link-type hybrid

port hybrid vlan 34  tagged

port hybrid vlan 35 tagged

port hybrid vlan  1 untagged


#Port GigabitEthernet 1/1/6 Configuration

interface gig1/1/6 

port link-type hybrid

port hybrid vlan 34  tagged

port hybrid vlan 35 tagged

port hybrid vlan  1 untagged


After this stage I have 3 IP addresses which are available from the core network:


  • VLAN 1:
  • VLAN 34:
  • VLAN 35:

Then I try to connect hosts between each other.


As VLAN 1 is available for each blade by default, lets take BLADE 1 in BAY 1 and assign to ESXi.

It's OK, I can ping it from any interface in core network.


Then lets take BLADE 2 in BAY 2. It has 4 nics and NIC_0 is addressed to our 6125 switch to port 1/0/2.


Trying configuration below blade 2 in inaccesible from all VLANs and core network.

On ESXi host I set address with VLAN35 and default gateway in core network.


#Port GigabitEthernet 1/0/2 Configuration

interface gig1/0/2 

port link-type hybrid

port hybrid vlan 34  tagged

port hybrid vlan 35 tagged

port hybrid vlan  1 untagged


When I try not to make a hybrid port, but add an access mode 1/0/2 interface with PVID 35 to VLAN35, BLADE 2 is also inaccessible and cannot ping another host.


I used HP 6125 LAN Switching Configuration guide.


So, my questions:)


1. Where is the mistake in configuring blade server ports?

2. What gateway I need to use to make hosts available in core network? Core gateway or IP address of my 6125 switch in particular VLAN (as internal gateway)?

3. What is the correct VLAN option value in ESXi management configuration? If I want to make it available from VLAN1, do I need to put 1 or 4095 value? And if I want to see it from VLAN35, do I need to set 35 value?

4. If I want 1 server in VLAN1 and another in VLAN34 or VLAN35 and I need to establish communication between these servers, do I need some additional configuration, may be, of some mapping?


Guys, the solution is so close. 

Please, help me as you can.




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Re: [HP 6125 Switch] Problems with basic configuration

After looking at your configuration, it seems that you have VLAN 34 and 35 on the same subnet, VLANs should be on different networks altogether (VLAN = Virtual Local Area Network).

The ip address is outside your address range, the range of address you have is - (ip is outside the range)

I would suggest the following:

vlan 36 = 10.0.36.X/27 or

vlan 34 = 10.0.34.X/27 or

As far as the gateway, the ip address need to be in the range of 10.0.36.X (1-30) or 10.0.34.X (1-30) - please review the images.

Since we have not seen your entire configuration and what is configured on the other end, it is hard to make an informed decision, but from the information I have reviewed, this will help with your design.