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HP-6600ml & HP-5400 Series HTTPS Configuration

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HP-6600ml & HP-5400 Series HTTPS Configuration

Hey All,

Have been trying to restrict these Swithces to HTTPS only access.
I have tried this through the gui and command line with the following CLI commands:

crypto key generate cert rsa bits 1024
crypto host-cert generate self-signed
web-management ssl

 No luck with this.

Image attached of web management config. Note: I have removed company name and location from Self-Signed Cert.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: HP-6600ml & HP-5400 Series HTTPS Configuration


Have a read of this first -

There might be a newer version out there if you do a bit more digging. Don't feel that you need to implement everything in it. TBH I tend to turn off web access completely and use SSH and SNMP v3 as that's all the access that my scripts and IMC need.

You might be missing "no web-management plaintext" in your config but you'll also want to try and tie the switch into your Windows (?) Cert Authority / PKI so that you are getting proper trusted Certs that your client browsers don't complain about. 

Hope that helps - Kudos button is there if it does :-)



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Re: HP-6600ml & HP-5400 Series HTTPS Configuration

Thanks Ian,

I will give this a go on Monday. At the moment I have just shut off web access all together, for the ones I can however there are a few switches we have that only have web access and no option for SSH unfortunately.