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HP 7500 Fabric Module - advanced JD195A

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HP 7500 Fabric Module - advanced JD195A

I can not find a documented comparison of the following two fabrics for the 7500 modular switch:


   JD194B    A7500 Fabric 384Gb Mod

   JD195A    A7500 Fabric 384Gb Advanced Mod


Can anyone point me to a link ?





Re: HP 7500 Fabric Module - advanced JD195A

This is more or less easy to explain.

The Advanced MPU used to be called the Salience Turbo.

The main difference is that this fabric will support MPLS encapsulation and IPv6 and be capable of proxying those functions on behalf of non SD or EA linecards.


You will only ever need the advanced fabric if you are using SA and SC cards and require the above functions on those cards. Note that you will however experience centralized forwarding (what in Comware terms we call "proxying") to the MPU(s) rather than the distributed MPLS and IPV6 you would otherwise get with SD or EA linecards.


Everything else in those chassis is totally distributed to the line cards, similar to a DFC equipped Catalyst 6500 for those familiar with Cisco terminology.

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