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HP 7500 series >> not enough flash space!!!

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HP 7500 series >> not enough flash space!!!

We are using 7500 series switches in IRF for our cores at several sites. Each MPU has only 64Meg of flash. The current version OS images are 33Meg+. I cannot figure out a way to keep the current running OS image and copy the upgrade OS image on to flash for the upgrade. Obviously I won’t be able to keep a backup image if I find a way to upgrade.

Have any of you been in this conundrum? I’m wondering if we can upgrade to larger flash drives somehow?


Any ideas are appreciated



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Re: HP 7500 series >> not enough flash space!!!

Hi Ron,


There is a compact flash slot on the front of the management modules. Here are 3 options from HP:


256MB Compact Flash Card - JC686A

512MB Compact Flash Card - JC685A

1GB Compack Flash Card - JC684A


Once you install a compact flash into the management modules, it becomes another storage option in addition to the internal flash.


Directory of Internal flash: "dir flash:/"

Directory of compact flash: "dir cfa0:/"


You would want a compact flash in every management module and then copy the software to it (cfa0) and then reference the new location with the boot-loader command. While support may push back a little if you use non-HP compact flash, I am not aware of any issues with using generic compact flash. But if you go bigger than 1GB, the switch may not recognize it.




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Re: HP 7500 series >> not enough flash space!!!

Great to know!! Thank you Eric I'll be buying a bunch of them. 64Meg seems so yesterday. :-)

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Re: HP 7500 series >> not enough flash space!!!

A similar problem exists on the 5120 series where you first must delete current firmware before uploading the new one and finally reboot the device. A good hint is to have the device connected to a UPS and make sure you are the only admin logged in so not somebody else issues a reboot before the upload of the new firmware has completed =)