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HP-A5120-EI-POE x Link-Aggregation

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HP-A5120-EI-POE x Link-Aggregation


I was working on the tests with the Link-aggregation in HP A5120-EI-POE and A5120_EI and had some problems.

For example in the link-aggregation with two ports gigabit, the traffic always is very larger for one of the Link port, the other stays with 1% of the traffic volume.

Add more ports to try to improve the distribution, but without success, the result was the same.

Why just a door does it work?

Other problem is that see in the link-aggregation verbose all the ports selected, with Loadsharing, the link in 4G for example, only that the transfer rate is spill from 10% to 12%  of the theoretical value of the link.

If someone has a piece of information, I thank.


Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: HP-A5120-EI-POE x Link-Aggregation

Probably using the wrong hashing mechanism to match your traffic flow. Link-aggregation is per flow and can use different hash to match flows. Default will probably be src/dst mac or IP, it will probably show in display link-aggregation somewhere.


And as you may have figured, because of above, a single flow will only use one link. So you can't really test this good without a couple of hosts or a couple of flows depending on your hash mechanism.

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