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HP A5120, VLAN per ip range

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HP A5120, VLAN per ip range

Hi, I'm very new in networking, at this point, I have two switches A5120 working in the default vlan, assigned by ports.
so, the question is, can I assign an ip range or specific ips per VLan, instead of ports? that's because I have another switch in cascade with ip telephones and workstations, I need separate the ips for phones and ips for data.





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Re: HP A5120, VLAN per ip range

Create a new VLAN on both switches.

Add the new VLAN as a "tagged" VLAN to the interfaces on each switch that are used to interconnect them.

On the cascaded switch, add the new VLAN to the ports where it is needed, either "untagged" or "tagged" depending on which the device is configured for.

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Re: HP A5120, VLAN per ip range

thanks, thats is great,
but the problem is, in the cascade, the switches are not configurable, so, I don't have any way to know if there is a ip phone, a camera or a data cable, so I want separate this tree options by ip, instead of ports. any idea?.

Thanks again.

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Re: HP A5120, VLAN per ip range

You can use 802.1x to identify the devices by MAC address and assign them to the right VLAN that way.

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Re: HP A5120, VLAN per ip range

Hi Haver,


you might want to look into: "Configuring IP subnet-based VLANs" in the  Layer 2 - LAN switching configuration guide.


(here is a link to a pdf with all the guides in one big pdf, there its page 317)



The switch will tag traffic depending on not what pvid the port has, but rather on the source IP-address. 




but that seems to be what you're asking for.



Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
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