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HP A5800

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HP A5800


How i can know if my switch has the save configuration ?

in the file management , i have only the config.cfg (startup configuration).

Is it possible to save the current configuration or to have a command who say me the configuration is save.


Ian Vaughan
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Re: HP A5800


Check out this page for all of the 5880 series manuals 

I think it is "Fundamentals" that has all of thpossible options around the save function. 

I just blast through with "sa fo" for speed. 

Save forcefully and save often! 

In general : 

Google search for "HPE XXXX Series switch" -> go to product page -> Related Links -> Tech Support / Manuals -> manuals Tab -> "Setup & Install General" -> pick your manuals 

Fundamentals for saving, restoring, updating, console access etc

L2  for LACP aggregation, Spanning Tree etc

L3 Routing - for erm routing 

L3 services - DHCP server, relay , snooping, nameservices etc

Security - MAC, dot1x, POr4t Sec etc

There may be IRF, MPLS and other volumes depending upon feature-set. 

There's usually a doc to explain what's in each volume 

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