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HP A5820AF-24XG Routing problem

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HP A5820AF-24XG Routing problem



I have a very strange problem. I have 2 A5820 switches configured into an IRF stack, then I have a second pair of A5800-48G-PoE+ switches in an IRF stack. I have they two switches trucked with a bridge.


I have a few VLANs defined, most importantly, 300 and 400. 


I'm using the 5820 to route between the two VLANs. 


This is where is gets strange. I can ping between them, RDP fromsome hosts to anothers, but other things are completely failing, such as the laptops on VLAN 400 cannot authenticate to the domain 'RPC server in not available', I cannot connect to servers which requires NLA. 


Does anyone have any idea how to go about troubleshooting this?




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Re: HP A5820AF-24XG Routing problem



could you post cleaned config files ?


For troubleshooting, verify "ip ttl enable" is configured, then try running tracert from the clients to server and vice versa.

From the routing switch, try to ping hosts in each subnet (verify with dis arp)


Check the link-aggregation (dis link summary / dis link-agg verbose) state on both switches and verify all interfaces are in "selected" state.


Verify vlan tags (dis port trunk) on both sides


Try with wireshark install on the server/client which devices packets are not arriving.


Hope one of these steps can help,


Best regards,Peter