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HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch - FC issues

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HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch - FC issues

I have a brand new 5930 switch in our datacenter. I changed some of the ports to FC using 'port-type fc' command. I connected four devices.

Fc1/2/13   1    auto  auto  --   --     DOWN                  
Fc1/2/14   1    auto  auto  --   --     DOWN                  
Fc1/2/15   13   F     auto  --   8G     DOWN                  
Fc1/2/16   13   F     auto  --   --     DOWN                  
Fc1/2/17   13   F     auto  --   8G     DOWN                  
Fc1/2/18   13   F     auto  --   8G     DOWN


Some of the ports have their current state as 'UP'. But all ports have Line protocol state 'DOWN'.

Current state: UP
Line protocol state: DOWN


I tried moving them from the default VSAN to VSAN 13 but the ports never came up. The devices were all working well and were unplugged from a Brocade switch. The name server has an empty database.


Can anyone help me with this?



Re: HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch - FC issues

First, please confirm you also have enabled the VSANs on a VLAN (need this even in pure FC environment. Of course VSAN 1 is by default so if you dont really need to use it for SAN traffic then you do not have to enable it. You can also use any VLAN ID you want):


vlan 1

 fcoe enable vsan 1


vlan 13

 fcoe enable vsan 13



If not up yet, the next thing would be to shutdown and then un shutdown the FC interfaces.


And your FC configs look something like the following?:

int fc 1/2/18

 fc mode f

 speed auto

 qos trust dot1p

 port access vsan 13


Of course once the ports come up and you start seeing things in your FC Name Server DB and FC Login DB you can configure zoning.











Re: HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch - FC issues

Hi Sunil,


Also want to check on the optics being used. Since you are using the CP module (JH184A) and you changed the port-type to FC, please verify you are using proper Optic.


If port is FC, use the converged optic (H6Z42A), or the native FC optics (AJ718A-8Gb SW / AW584A - 8Gb LW).


For your reference and future help please review the FCoE content on the HP resource finder. A couple that can be helpful are below:


HP 6125XLG Blade Switch with HP 5900CP ToR switch FC/FCoE solution using HP Blade servers and HP Storage


HP Networking single-tier FC/FCoE solution using HP Rack Servers and HP Storage

Re: HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch - FC issues

That was the exact problem. Once the VLAN-VSAN link was done things worked fine. A Brocade HBA in a DL380 came up automatically. I had to reset the ports on the 3PAR storage. The Virtual Connect needed reboot.


This step was mentioned in the configuration document but I passed it as an FCOE requirement. Thanks for the quick reply.