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HP JC772A 5900 ARP ACLS's

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HP JC772A 5900 ARP ACLS's



I'm wanting to know if I can apply apply ARP ACL's on lock down ARP to MAC mappings ?


This would need to be applied to a LACP trunk connecting down to out C7000 Flex10 switches.


I've done this in the past on some cisco switches via the below:


Switch-3750-E#sh run | inc arp
ip arp inspection vlan 1
ip arp inspection filter test vlan  1
Switch-3750-E#sh arp access-list
ARP access list test
    permit ip host mac host 001c.c414.a361
Let me know if this is possible on the COMWARE switches we have below:
HP JC772A 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+
Regards, Daniel
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Re: HP JC772A 5900 ARP ACLS's

Why not static arp entries along with srcip filter on the physical interface?

You can also use port-security to automate this process (the static arp one).
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Re: HP JC772A 5900 ARP ACLS's



The problem with alot of port security is it doesn't work on a tagged trunk port (at least in the cisco world)


Using Comware, what are my tagged trunk port security options ?



Regards, Daniel