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HP Procurve 5500 EI - ACL

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HP Procurve 5500 EI - ACL

Good day,

Kindly please help me in my ACL config on HP 5500 EI. I want to connect an outside network to my Internal network.

I connect it using wired connection and I only want certain host IP (192.168.x.10,192.168.x.11 and 192.168.x.12) to access my Internal Server (10.100.x.100)

and this is my sample config of ACL,

[CS-5500-acl-adv-3001-test1]rule 0 permit ip source 192.168.x.10 destination 110.100.x.100

and how can I implement this and how can i deny other IP's?


Honored Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 5500 EI - ACL

Why are you using "x" in an IP address? This isn't a very useful way of describing your problem. Worse, you've used "x" to describe what I am guessing are two completely different octets.


What you need is to get on the VLAN interface belonging to the 110.100.? subnet and put in:

packet-filter name adv-3001-test1 outbound


Much better though, add two more rules to your acl:

 - deny * to 110.100.?

 - permit * to *


And applyit instead to the 192.168.? subnet as "inbound".




Re: HP Procurve 5500 EI - ACL

Thanks Vince, i have already figured out the solution.