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HP - please change something with your information politics

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HP - please change something with your information politics

Great, A58XX series gets some major software upgrades:


So, you add IPv6 multicast routing within VRF instances (MCE)? Really nice, but why couldn´t my HP gold partner, nor my regional HP representative tell me last year about it, when I asked them whether that one is on the roadmap???


Do yo know HP, what I do, if I´d like to know something about Comware features? No, I don´t call HP support, no I don´t call my HP gold partner and no, I don´t call my HP representative.


I go to Yes, that´s the chinese H3C forum and with help of google translation I am now in contact with an chinese H3C technician mailing private messages within that forum´s software. Unfortunately I haven´t met that guy earlier. He probably could easily tell me what´s on the roadmap for a specific platform.


Back to the beginning. For getting  ipv6 multicast traffic running within VRF instances in our core, we once started  with some other vendor, you can probably guess who this is...


HP,  for God's sake, when did you acquire H3C/3Com?!

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Re: HP - please change something with your information politics

I have to agree with you. HP documentation on A series is really funny. You have pieces here and there but not on one place with all info consolidated. They still have to learn from Cisco or Avaya (former Nortel) how to do this...