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Re: HP real "SDN" solution? - your opinion please

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HP real "SDN" solution? - your opinion please

Well, I´m still looking for a new DCI solution and found HP´s 5400R switches, which can be by Advanced Services modules i.e. servers.

So, as you can see, I´d like to use HP´s VSR1000 to realize a datacenter interconnect between different locations. (Of course, this idea could be extended: MPLS router, Firewall, ...)


What do you think about this one? It will probably work. But what kind of performance will I get with the VSR1000 running EVI, running MPLS each on an Advanced Services (Intel® Core i7-3612QE) and VMWare´s ESXi?

I´d really like to hear you opinion about this...




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Re: HP real "SDN" solution? - your opinion please

You will need to reach out to your HP Networking contact if you want VSR EVI performance specs as I believe VSR EVI has not gone GA yet.


But when it does go GA, this feature will be more useful in a cloud environment for per tenant DCI.

e.g. VSR 1 for tenant 1, VSR 2 for tenant 2


12504 EVI will be more useful for traditional DCI (non cloud).