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HP transceiver for J9772A and J9775A switches

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HP transceiver for J9772A and J9775A switches

New to connecting HP switches via transceivers, so I want to make sure that we get the right ones the 1st time.

I have the following swiothces that I need to connect together via fiber:

  • 2 Aruba J9772A  (48 port POE) switches  (on 2 different floors in the building)
  • 4 HP J9775A (48 port) switches  (on 2 different floors in the building)

We are running IP phones which connect the users PC to the phones on the POE switches (J9772A) for network access. Then any of the non-IP phone devices are connected to the the 4 HP J9775A switches (stand alone PC's, Servers, Printers, MF Printers, etc.).

We run fiber into our building for internet connection and a Layer 2 connection to our remote server farm.  What would be the correct  (or suggested) SFP transceivers to connect all of our switches together?  (currently we are using Cat-6).  Or is there a good site for suggested reading? 

I'm finding too many links in my search with a varity of not very helpful information for different HP switches.   So I figure I'd check with the forum for advice.


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Re: HP transceiver for J9772A and J9775A switches

Please do refer to latest ArubaOS-Switch Transceivers and DAC Cables guide published in September:

SFP Transceiver types (SR, LR) mostly depends on fiber optic run lengths. If below 300 meters SFP Transceivers (1Gbps) with SKU J4858C or newest J4858D should suffice on your Aruba 2530 uplinks...especially considering that switches with those specific SKUs (J9772A and J9775A) don't support SFP+ Transceivers (10Gbps).

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