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HPE 3600 and HPE 5130 SNMP Sensor Values

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HPE 3600 and HPE 5130 SNMP Sensor Values

Dear Staff,

we need to get the status of fan, power supply and other sensors of our swtiches HPE3600 and HPE5130. We get this with snmp walk

ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalName.213 = STRING: PSU 1
ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalName.216 = STRING: FAN 1
ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalName.217 = STRING: FAN 2
ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalName.220 = STRING: SENSOR 1
ENTITY-MIB::entPhysicalName.221 = STRING: SENSOR 2

...but we aren't able to get their status and the relative semantics. What are the correct OIDs to check?

Thank you.