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HPE 5130-48G EI Stucks During Software Upgrade

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HPE 5130-48G EI Stucks During Software Upgrade

Dear friends, we're trying to update HPE 513048G PoE+ Switch firmware, but it stucks during the firmware file transfer.

Is there something else to do for us to succeed the software update?

Current Firmware: 7.1.045, Release 3111P02

Desired Firmware: 7.1, Release 3113P03


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Re: HPE 5130-48G EI Stucks During Software Upgrade

What's about accessing the special Boot Menu at reboot (with CTRL+D for the Basic Boot Menu and then CTRL+B for the Extended Boot Menu) connecting to the Console interface if the Switch is not operational anymore (or accessing the CLI - via a Telnet or Console Port - if the Switch is still operational).

In both ways you should be able to diagnose what happened and why it happened, then you should be able to verify if all prerequisites are met in your Switch before to attempt another upgrade of both Boot/System images using the newest ipe file.

As reference you should carefully read the relevant Release Notes (of HPE 5130 EI Comware 7.10 R3113P03) to learn how to manage Switch's upgrades and possible failures: there is an entire Appendix (B) about "Upgrading Software".

If you run below commands:

<HPE>display irf
<HPE>display version

 What are the results?

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Re: HPE 5130-48G EI Stucks During Software Upgrade

This sounds like you are using a file transfer tool like Filezilla and keeping the command connection open during the file transfer.  Some versions of Comware, notably Comware 5, don't like it.   You won't get an error but the transfer won't occur until you close the command connection.  Shut that down and the transfer should succeed.

Ensure that the FTP and if needed, the SFTP servers are enabled or you won't get anywhere.


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