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HPE 5800/5820 PSU fan not running

Occasional Contributor

HPE 5800/5820 PSU fan not running


I've got a question regarding the PSU JC097A (PSR300-12A) used for the HPE 5800/5820 switch series.

I've installed 2 of these in a HP A5820X-24XG (JC102A), and the fan is not running in either PSU. I've verified this by using a flashlight to light into the back of the PSU, and I can see the PSU fan is not spinning.

The PSU LEDs are solid green and no errors are reported on the switch LEDS in the front. I cannot see the fan status of the PSU in the CLI.

Can anyone confirm if this is the normal behavior?

Occasional Contributor

Re: HPE 5800/5820 PSU fan not running

I have investigated further and have some extra information.

The fan has a set of 2 blades. The innermost blades is spinning, but not the outer ones. It's like that in both PSU's.