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HPE/Comware IRF Mis-configuration

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HPE/Comware IRF Mis-configuration

Got a question regarding HPE/Comware & IRF configuration. I've fallen in the standard trope of being immersed in the Cisco-verse and now assisting in managing an HPE environment.

I've read through both the Configuration Reference and Configuration Reference guides and in doing so, believe I've discovered an issue with the IRF/stack configuration in addition to a severe bottleneck between the ESXi hosts and SAN; all installed and configured by a previous MSP.

Topology and sanitized IRF related outputs. You will see the hosts are on on a separate stack than the SAN, but interconnected and bottlenecked by a single 1Gb link between an intermediate switch and the SAN stack. Additionally, I believe the IRF configuration on the SAN switch is incorrect and causing a loop.

The configuration guide states--


Re: HPE/Comware IRF Mis-configuration


Can you share the IRF config and grahical representation of the schema?


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