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HPE Flexfabric 5700 L3 static routing

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HPE Flexfabric 5700 L3 static routing


We have a HPE Flexfabric 5700 stack, and I want to use L3 static ECMP routing.

When i log on to the GUI, I cannot put a port in routing mode (greyed out), default is bridge mode. HPE support says the switch does not provide possibilities for L3 static routing, but the documentation on page 4 says different imho:

Can anyone confirm this? If this needs to be enabled or can only be done by CLI, can someone give an example how to set up a port?

Many thanks!



Re: HPE Flexfabric 5700 L3 static routing

I never tried to make any routing ports on a A5700. I'm not sure if that is possible. I can imagin that it is not. Not all switches will allow that.  Routing is petrfectly possible but through a vlan interface.

you create a new vlan:

- vlan <vlan nr>

Then you go to the vlan interface

- interface vlan <vlan nr>

Then you assign an ip address here

-ip address x.x.x.x <mask length>

then you assign the vlan to your interface

- interface <inteface name>

- port access vlan <vlan nr>