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HPE Flexfabric 5950

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HPE Flexfabric 5950

Hello All,

For a data-intensive radio astronomy application, I would like to consider 2xHPE 5950 to deal with 960Gbps realtime data (delivered on 96 10Gb links). The data is then demuxed and output 24x40Gb, with each 40GbE NiC getting a small chunk of data from 96x10Gb links.

I intend to connect the two 5950 with 3x100Gb. My questions are:

1. are there any limitations inside the HP5950? If there is more than one ASIC inside the box, what is the bandwidth between the two?

2. Do you foresee any issues in connecting two 5950's together?

3. How deep are the bufferss here? Please note that our application makes use of layer-2 switching only.

Thanks for all your inputs.



Re: HPE Flexfabric 5950

1)  There is one switch ASIC per 5950. So no port based internal hops to contend with.

2)Connecting 5950s via a 300G BAGG does work well.

3)The buffers are dynamic.

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