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Hardware Compatibility

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Hardware Compatibility

Hi Guys,

Anyone can tell me if those transceiver: are compatible with those swichs:

From the Quickspec document, I couldn't find the transceiver being listed.

What would be the reason of the uncompatiblity ?

I'm looking for an SFP+ 10GBase-T ?

Thanks & Best Regards,


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Re: Hardware Compatibility

Don't assume that any SFP will work with any switch.  HPE sells transceivers for the Comware switches and different ones for the ProCurve switches.  The difference is in the EEPROM in the transceivers.  Each platform has different interface requirements.

If a transceiver is not in the QuickSpec for the switch model then it isn't officially supported.  That is not to say that it won't work.  You will probably get a console message on the Comware switch that it is not supported but in a lot of cases, the transceiver should work just fine.  Your mileage may vary...  beware...