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Help me configure VLAN

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Help me configure VLAN


I have problem with vlan configuration on two 3COM 4200G 48 port switches

on first switch port 35 is connected mikrotik with internet access and dchp pool,

so I configured vlan 50 as untagged on that port and tagged on port 51 which is FX port to second switch

port 51 work as trunk.

On second switch configured 49FX as tagged trunk vlan 50  and ETH46 as unntaged access vlan 50, on that port are connected computer.

But after this Computer receive DHCP address from mikrotik but there is no internet access, and I can't even ping gateway.

In network interface I have 0 bytes received.


I don't know how to configure it, I thought that pvid 50 should be apply to port 35 and 46 but switch give me error that "vlan 1 can not be modified"


thanks for help

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Re: Help me configure VLAN

Hi WojtekZ


Sounds strange. From what you explain, it should work.

If you could post the configurations of the interfaces (35,  51 on switch 1, and 46, 49 on switch 2)

then it might be more obvoius if there is something wrong.




Søren Dideriksen, Network Administrator
Region Midtjylland