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Help setting up IP telephony switch hp 5130 (JG936A)

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Help setting up IP telephony switch hp 5130 (JG936A)

I am new to the settings in communications equipment, so would like to ask some help to those with more experience.
In the place to work, we want to implement IP telephony and I would like to know how I configure the switch to 5130 hp can connect the computers and telephones ip.

The idea is to create at least 2 vlan (data and voice) in the switch, a DHCP (Windows Server) server with 2 levels (data and voice) ... and to connect the computers to the switch, they receive ip address from the server dhcp from the field of data and / or voice as appropriate.

I hope someone can help me and guide to this topic, I really appreciate it.

Best regards.



Soy nuevo en esto de las configuraciones en equipos de comunicaciones, por lo cual quisiera pedirles algo de ayuda a quienes tienen mas experiencia.
En el lugar en donde trabajar, queremos implementar telefonia ip y me gustaria saber como debo configurar el switch hp 5130 para que en el se puedan conectar computadores y telefonos ip.

La idea es crear al menos 2 vlan (para datos y voz) en el switch, un servidor dhcp (windows server) con 2 ambitos (para datos y voz)... y que al conectar los equipos al switch, estos reciban direccion ip desde el servidor dhcp desde el ambito de datos y/o voz segun corresponda.

Espero que alguien me pueda ayudar y guiar con este tema, realmente lo agradecería.

Saludos cordiales.

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Re: Help setting up IP telephony switch hp 5130 (JG936A)

Hello !

Have you ever done any configuration? What I suggest is you leave 5130 as a gateway to both Vlans. Soon after, you configure the dhcp-relay to deliver addressing for networks .... The gateway DHCP server has to be the 5130.



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Re: Help setting up IP telephony switch hp 5130 (JG936A)

Hi! Johnk3r,

thanks for your prompt response.
Test and verify with the recommendation that you give me.