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Help with SNMP and interface setup on JG236A

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Help with SNMP and interface setup on JG236A


Where can I find SNMP 'commands' to setup ethernet interface? 

I need to setup port type (access, hybrid, etc), VLAN's (include, exclude, etc...), PVID and PoE status, all using SNMP.

I already have all MIB's loaded in my SNMP client (linux box) and I could find and test SNMP commands like 'running2net', 'running2startup', etc....but I could not find any example of port setup and since I'm not familiar with SNMP, I don't know how exactly to look into MIB files for those commands.


Also, a second question: when I send some snmp set with and OID, in the most cases I should put and index ate the end of OID. Ex: The '' is my table and '.2' is my index, whish should be the same for next related commands. My questions is: how to reset this number? If I increase this number for next command, it's ok, works fine. But since I'm building an WEB interface for some taks, I don't know what was the last index for this specific device.....and if I use the same index for consequent commands, I got an error that object can't be created in table (or something like this).


Almost forgot: my switch is an A5120-El (JG236A)