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How can I set route per vlan on A5120-24G?

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How can I set route per vlan on A5120-24G?

Dear sir,

 I use A5120-24G for 5 vlans. All vlans connect to firewall by thier own port vlan. I setup Vlan address and can ping between all vlan. I need to setup route to internet per vlan. How can I configure on it. I try static route with default route ( per vlan but when I see on routing table. I can see only first static route on first vlan. Please help to advise me. Thank you


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Re: How can I set route per vlan on A5120-24G?

5120 doesnt support IRF (or vpn-instance as its called in comware).


In your case it will work perfectly with lets say 5 differnt VLANs where the default gw for each VLAN is the VLAN-interface in your firewall. Clients in each vlan will have to set the correct ip/mask and defgw (unless you use dhcp).


However for traffic that the 5120 itself will perform (like ntp,syslogging but also incoming ssh and such) must select which vlan to use as default gateway. Thats why you should use a dedicated mgmtvlan which isnt exposed towards the clients.