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How to filter BPDU on port?

Occasional Contributor

How to filter BPDU on port?


I want to filter all BPDU on specified port. As i can understand , 'bpdu drop' just discarding BPDU's, but they still forwarding thru port. I need something like 'spanning-tree bpdufilter enable' in cisco.

It is possible?

Honored Contributor

Re: How to filter BPDU on port?

bpdu-protection is available for all STP Edge ports.

1/ enable stp edge port (like cisco port-fast)

int range g1/0/1 to g1/0/48

 stp edge enable



2/ enable global bpdu-protection

stp bpdu-protection


3/ optional : configure the global auto-re-enable interval

shutdown-interval 60



All 5120 manuals:



Look for the Layer 2 - Lan Switching Configuration guide



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Re: How to filter BPDU on port?



You didnt specify the model of the switch.

If we assume that this is a comware based switch you can have a look at this thread.






Emil /HPN
Trusted Contributor

Re: How to filter BPDU on port?

Just one addition

It looks like the command stp disable in interface context is not available for all switches.

The command undo stp enable can be used instead. From the manual.


You can use the undo stp enable command to disable the MSTP feature for certain ports so that they will not

participate in spanning tree calculation to save the CPU resources of the device.

Emil /HPN