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Re: IGMP/Multicast Routing/IGMP-Snooping

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IGMP/Multicast Routing/IGMP-Snooping

Good Evening I find myself with a bit of a few multicast headaches that I hope I might be able to find some insight into. 

First the setup:


I have a Network where we have Numerous mpeg4 multicast channels entering my "Media" Vlan.  My Media Vlan feeds into my Core Switch and there gets Routed out to 3 other "Client" Vlans.  Each Client Vlan has many Set top boxes and they are Managed by a Controller on the respective Vlan via a Multicast "Heartbeat"  Part of my problem is I need to allow traffic from my Media Vlan to get to all the "Client" Subnets but I must filter the Heartbeat Packets and keep them within Each Vlan.


My network consists of a core of Stack of 2 Comware 5900 Switches with 2 Stacks of Multiple 5130's and some Individual Procurve 2920's as my Access Switches. 

In this Arrangement

1. I have the 5900's hosting the vlan interfaces  running IGMP and Pim/SM handling the unicast and routing.

2. I have an An ACL Built with a Entry that filters the Muilticast Destination Address and Port of the Heartbeat multicast group applied Outbound on Each Vlan. 

3. The 2920's run IGMP and I see the IGMP groups in question on those Switches along with the Querier at the right IP address.  The 5130's only support IGMP Snooping.  I can see the Multicast Groups and I see the IGMP Querier but it only shows up as an "Special" IGMP querier not the "General" IGMP querier.


So with all that said multicast Routing In General works the channels from the Media Vlan are accessable on all other vlans and without any ACL's I see a general bleeding over of my Heartbeats from one Vlan to another. My problem comes when Im trying to wrangle the Heartbeat Vlans. 

First If I try to apply the Heartbeat ACL inbound or outbound on the vlan interface the multicast traffic get blocked from entering the Vlan itself.  2 Sources on the same Layer 2 vlan cannot see the Heartbeats if they traverse the 5900 but they can see the Heartbeats if they are on the same switch.   We had a VERY similar to exact problem with the Procurve 5406's and in that case the problem was caused by the ASIC's and something involving a single inbound Queue.  The problem was not exibited on unicast traffic but it completely shut down multicast traffic corresponding to an ACL.  The solution in that case was to upgrade to v3 Hardware with multiple Queues.

My Second Issue is with the IGMP-Snooping on the 5130's  Doing the general configs based on the instructions I find in the Config Guide and Command Guide is not giving me warm fuzzy feelings.  I was wondering if anyone had any working config examples of IGMP between 5900's and 5130's that they might be able to share?


Thanks in Advance



ps. Im running the latest Avail Code on all switches the switches just went into production last Saturday and we upgraded everything before moving traffic onto the new network.  I have Tried PIM/DM as well as PIM/SM but still no luck


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Re: IGMP/Multicast Routing/IGMP-Snooping

The Solution to the problem was to use the packet-filter filter route command on the vlan interface. That set the ACL to the routing interface rather than the Vlan Interface. Though I still see an issue with improperly formed IGMP packets flooding the network and getting around the ACL Filter.