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IGMP-Snooping Dynamic host port limit

Occasional Advisor

IGMP-Snooping Dynamic host port limit

Hello guys.


I am newb im multicast, and i have a question, we have a 5500 HI core switch and we have some multicasting protocol running on network (SLP for example), but just two ports have associate with the multicast address, have almost 4 interfaces that receive multicast packets of this protocol....


Have one limit of ports in dynamic multicast address ?


Obs.: Just have igmp snooping enable, nothing more.




IP group(s):the following ip group(s) match to one mac group.
IP group address:
     Static host port(s):
     Dynamic host port(s): <- have a maximum number of port here ??
      GigabitEthernet2/0/17 GigabitEthernet2/0/18


Re: IGMP-Snooping Dynamic host port limit

Hi Leortiz


Maybe I did not understand the issue correcty but if the problem is even the ports not subscirbed for the traffic receving multicast packets then this config can help you.




assuming you have vlan 100 where multicast is running




vlan 100
igmp-snooping enable
igmp-snooping drop-unknown