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IP SLA for WAN link mornitoring

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IP SLA for WAN link mornitoring

Dear all,

I would like to know what kind of function can use in HP for Cisco IP SLA alternative .

I want to mornitoring WAN link with icmp-echo and if wan link is down or icmp is not reply ,i want to shutdown my LAN interface.

Can i do in HP MSR 3064 ?


Re: IP SLA for WAN link mornitoring

You can try using NQA feature from below guide


Network quality analyzer (NQA) allows you to measure network performance, verify the service levels for IP services and applications, and troubleshoot network problems. It provides the following types of operations: • ICMP echo. • ICMP jitter. • DHCP. • DLSw. • DNS. • FTP. • HTTP. • Path jitter. • SNMP. • TCP. • UDP echo. • UDP jitter. • UDP tracert. • Voice.

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