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IP subnet based VLAN | Intervlan | HP-A5500-48G

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IP subnet based VLAN | Intervlan | HP-A5500-48G

Hi all,

I'm having three different series IP in a mixed environment.

I need to configure the switch HP-A5500-48G with Ip subnet based vlan and also intervlan need to configured.

Please provide the commands to execute.

Thanks in advance.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: IP subnet based VLAN | Intervlan | HP-A5500-48G


All of the commands that you will need you can find here in this repository of manuals.

You don't say whether you have EI / SI or HI models of 5500 but assuming you don't have the MPLS/VPLS capable HI models - I would recommend starting with these configuration examples and finding a scenario which most accurately reflects what you are attempting to do. 

Are you looking for a "dynamic" vlan allocation based upon the IP subnet of the host (as this is possble on these platforms although rarely seen in the wild in comparison with protocol driven and MAC driven types) or are you just after a small number of VLANs each with a layer 3 interaface 9and Ip address) to enable local inter-vlan routing?

Just putting IP addressing on more than one VLAN will effectively "enable" routing as IIRC it is on by default on these switches. 

All is possible as these things are like network Swiss-Army knives. 

Hope that is of some assistance.

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many thanks



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