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IRF -2 switches not merging


IRF -2 switches not merging

We have 2 HP 5900 switches which had IRF intact.


After a downtime, the switches seems to not to merge and both switches are showing as Master now.


The priority on 1 switch is 32 and the other is 30.


Bridge MAC is unique, still we are unable to understand why the switches are not merging.


We do get a ERR msg as -


%Jan  1 00:51:36:606 2011 HPCS300-netsw STM/2/STM_LINK_STATUS_TIMEOUT: IRF port 2 is down because heartbeat timed out.
%Jan  1 00:51:36:607 2011 HPCS300-netsw STM/3/STM_LINK_STATUS_DOWN: IRF port 2 is down.


Can anyone please suggest what the problem could be ?

Respected Contributor

Re: IRF -2 switches not merging

Could it be a defective port or transceiver? Do you have available ports so you can try to change the IRF link to another port?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: IRF -2 switches not merging

Is there any chance that after the power outage, the switches came back up with a startup config where one of the ports was administratively shutdown.


Re: IRF -2 switches not merging

Maybe the IRF Domain changed?