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Re: IRF Monitoring with snmp

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IRF Monitoring with snmp


I've a bunch of 5XXX switches (5812, 5700, etc) stacked each pair with IRF. Now I'm writing a script to monitor them and I'm not able to find a mib for IRF. I've found something for very old h3c models but nothing for HPE.

Any idea, examples?


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Re: IRF Monitoring with snmp

Look here (that's just a SKU about which you can find related Comware MIBs editions, latest V10 has this release notes document).

I'm not an HPE Employee
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Re: IRF Monitoring with snmp

Hi Parnassus,
I’ve been using those mib files to build my script but I haven’t been able to find something that works to check irf status. Do you?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: IRF Monitoring with snmp

Hey there,

I want to monitor the IRF in iMC and I can't find any useful OIDs. I'm not sure wether the switch is even sending any traps when I disconnect an IRF link. 
I will look into that with debug snmp in the console when I have time.

I found the HPN-ICF-STACK-MIB in the MIB_v10 bundle, which should be for IRF.  I looked into the MIB and found the OID for IRF link port status:

hpnicf stack port status:

From the table:


But this MIB is not included in the iMC standard MIBs and the import fails with some unknown error. Is there a better OID to look for, perhabs already included in iMC?

Thanks alot!