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IRF - Same Series (5130), different port count?

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IRF - Same Series (5130), different port count?

Can I create an IRF stack with a mixture to 24 and 48 port HP 5130 switches, or does the port count need to be the same on all members?


I am aware that the switches must be the same model, not sure if the port count needs to be identical as well.



Ian Vaughan
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Re: IRF - Same Series (5130), different port count?


Yes you can mix and match the model types within the series to create an IRF "virtual switch". The only stipulation with building these IRF's is that the software image has to be exactly the same across the stack therefore the switches all have to come from the same family and share a common code image. (You can mix 5900XG+5900CP+5920 as they share a common code image - but you couldn't add 5930 into that stack). Any 5130ei (poe - non poe - 24 - 48 - SFP variants) can create an IRF with another, just use the 10Gb ports to join 'em up.


Just for info -

The ISSU (in service software update) feature in Comware v7 means that an IRF is more tolerant of slightly different software images within the stack to enable you to do minor patch upgrades but you still have to keep to the same family of switches.

The "Enhanced" IRF functionality (5700+5900+11900+12900+6125XLG) will at some point allow the use of a hierarchy of switches to be deployed as 2 tiers - in either a "Controlling Bridge" (Spine) or "Port Extender" (Leaf) role.


Plenty of info in the form of docs and blogs out there - google is your friend.

Hope that helps



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Re: IRF - Same Series (5130), different port count?

It is important to check the release notes to check on the compatibility of doing an ISSU upgrade on any of our switches.  On some switches, even though the funtionality is there, there may be a compatibility issue between versions you are trying to upgrade. 


If the upgrade you want to do is not compatibile, you can always stage the new release as the next boot version on all of the members of the IRF stack and then reboot at your convenience.


Ian is correct.  It is the switch family and version of the software that is important, not the port count or types.



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