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IRF Stacking within HPE 5700 and HP 5500

Occasional Contributor

IRF Stacking within HPE 5700 and HP 5500

Hi All,

I'm having an environment that currently having 4 HP 5500 which is running IRF stacking at 2 different building.

Recently they have purchased another 2 HPE 5700 which I have configured up as a new stack which i just setup LA to the HP5500 through fibre.

It just come to my mind that is it possible for me to join up the HPE 5700 as a member into current HP 5500 stack?

Much appreciated for all the advice from the expert.

Best regards,

Darrow Ooi

Honored Contributor

Re: IRF Stacking within HPE 5700 and HP 5500

I copy a statement written years ago about using different Switch Series together into the same IRF fabric: "The basic rule is like for like" and - AFAIK - Heterogeneous IRF (or Mixed IRF as H3C calls it) is supported actually only on 5800/5820X and 5900/5920 Switch Series; I doubt 5500/5700 Switch Series can be mixed in the same IRF fabric.