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IRF basic doubt

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Occasional Contributor

IRF basic doubt

A basic doubt about stack configuration.

Do i need to set password to authenticate console login on the slave appliance?

User-interface commands seems to be disabled...


Thanks for help.




Re: IRF basic doubt

Should have same access on all console ports of the irf stack.  what hardware? Comware 5 or 7?

Honored Contributor

Re: IRF basic doubt

yes, this can be confusing in the beginning.

The aux port ID follows the IRF member ID, but -1.

So switch IRF ID 1 has aux 0, ID 3 has aux 2 etc.


So yes, you need to configure the console port of each member if you want security.

The default config of most people (user-int aux 0) only secures the switch ID 1 of the IRF system.


If you have an IRF with units 1,2,3,4 you can just use a range like for the vty:

user-int aux 0 3

 auth scheme


Provisioning is not supported, so you can only configure the console ports of the devices which are actually online.


Hope this clarifies the config,

Best regards,Peter

Occasional Contributor

Re: IRF basic doubt

Thanks for your help...
For information hardware is 5120ei

Best Regards