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IRF link between 4800G

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IRF link between 4800G

I had setup an IRF link between 2 4800G switches without problems. However, the traffic lights on both switches and two other 4500G that are connected via trunking are blinking continuously indicating high traffic. Is this a normal behavior or do I need to make any change to IRF setup. It was made according 4800G configuration manual. Any advise will be welcome

Regards, Hector

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Re: IRF link between 4800G

Hi Hector, I'm looking for information and if you could help me with an IRF between my two 4800G switches, I was looking at some guides and manuals or the Internet itself and I do not function as desired ... appreciate your help, my email is

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Re: IRF link between 4800G

Hi Pedro.


When you create a IRF stack, some details need to be attempted. At first, consider that the 4800G has two rear slots; if you use the first module in the switch A, you'll have two possible IRF ports: irf port 1 and irf port 2. The second slot would be numbered in the sequence if has a second module: irf port 3 and irf port 4.


Then, imagine a second switch, the switch B. It has a module in any slot with two CX4 ports also. The IRF settings are easy, but one detail is mandatory: a IRF port ALWAYS have to connect to another IRF port ID. Example: If the switch A has the first slot with the CX4 stacking ports already installed, you can bind these ports using the command: irf port 1 irf-port 1 2. This command says to the switch that the physical ports 1 and 2 are now the IRF virtual port 1. Then this IRF port has an ID 1.


In the second switch, the switch B, you'll have to setup the ports as the IRF port 2, in order to have a different ID from the switch A IRF port. Then the command would be: irf port 2 irf-port 1 2 (or 3 4 if the second slot is the used module). The priority used to elect automatically the master is the lowest MAC Address or priority, that you can customize, or the up time higher than 6 minutes.  The IRF stack will came up after a reboot in the switches.


I'm not sure if I was clear enough or if I turned the informations into a big mess, actually...



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Re: IRF link between 4800G

Hi, everyone. Does anyone knof if it is possible to have an irf stack between poe and non-poe models? are there any drawbacks?