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Improve bandwith to a server

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Improve bandwith to a server

Hello, in first place, sorry my bad english. I have a server with 2 gigabit interfaces and a Hp5130. I'd like to improve my bandwidth to reduce bottleneck. I want to create a network bridge in server, but need I to make some special configuration in HP5130?

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Re: Improve bandwith to a server

Clearly all depends on the type of data traffic which is hammering your Server...but, generally, supposing you have various client hosts that concurrently connects to your Server in order to benefit from network services your Server is offering to its internal clients (e.g. SMB, FTP, Web Server, etc.), the better thing you can do to enhance resiliency against failures and data throughput (remember it works the better when you have many clients that concurrently hits your Server host) is to "aggregate" your Server NIC Ports (2 x 1 Gbps) together using LACP IEEE 802.3ad and do the same on Switch side on ports your new aggregated links are terminating.

That's creating a Link Aggregation Group (LAG or BAGG) - so check on Google something like "Understanding LACP" -  on your HPE 5130 Switch, assign 2 physical Ports as member ports of the logical LAG Interface and then do the same on the Server side on its two NIC Ports (in Microsoft Windows that is called setting up teaming...but other OS call it differently, like bonding or trunking): once done finally connect your cables on both ends and verify traffic flows from/to your Server to/from your Hosts even if you temporarily remove just one cable of the pair.

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Re: Improve bandwith to a server

Thank you! 

This is exactly the information I need.

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Re: Improve bandwith to a server

Nice Information.

Lucie Lina