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Installing features on comware 7 via IMC

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Installing features on comware 7 via IMC

Hi All

I have a significant number of switches, mostly 5130 being installed. I just went through the process of upgrading the software to 3506p08 on some of them. I have noticed that packet capture feature is not installed by default. Not sure if I've missed something during the process.

Now I'm trying to figure a way of installing/deploying the packet capture feature via IMC. I have added the packageName.bin to the software library but I'm not sure if I can just follow the upgrade procedure and IMC will figure things out. I'm on iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0703)


Re: Installing features on comware 7 via IMC


In iMC i don't think we have feature to install packet capture file onto the switch through software deployment as the command to install packet capture and software upgrade is different i.e. for feature install on switch we use command  "install activate feature flash:/packet-capture.bin". Maybe we can try "Deploy File" option under deployment task which will upload the file to the desired switch and then we can try using CLI script from configuration deployment to execute the above mentioned command on the switch.  I haven't tested the method but it may work.


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