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Integration two A5120 EL with two Chassis C7000

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Integration two A5120 EL with two Chassis C7000

Hello Everyone, I'm initializing a project with two blade C7000 and two switches A5120.

but, I'm new in HP technology my skill is in Cisco Network.


What I'm needing this first moment is some tips about integration of the Switch A5120 EL with the blade C7000 module flex-10.


for exemplo:


1- if I will use only one Vlan ( only one network for all servers on C7000 ) it's necessary create more than one VLAN ?


2- the module flex-10 comes separate from Blade System C7000 ?


3- there is a step-by-step for initial setup for Module Flex-10 ? how to access the Interfce configuration it for first time ??


4- I will install VMware on C7000 any particular tip ??