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Isolated VLAN and IP Telelephony

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Isolated VLAN and IP Telelephony


I have a 10500 Switch that will be working as the core in the two-tier topology and about 100 access switches.

Also I have an IP-PBX and IP-phones.


On each switch will exit one Data VLAN and one Voice VLAN. The user computer connects to the IP-phone and the IP-phone than connects to the access switch.


So, I am planning to create 100 Data VLANs and 100 Voice VLANs.

All of the computers shoul have an Internet access through the core switch.



The task is to deny access between all Data VLANs but all of the users of Data VLANs should have an Internet access and IP-Telephony.


I am a little bit concerned to write a lot of ACLs to deny access between all Data VLANs.


Can I use isolated Internet VLAN segmentation but also have an IP-Telephony solution working with "voice vlan lldp" on the access swithes` ports?