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JG372A - SecBlade III questions on installation


JG372A - SecBlade III questions on installation

Ok, since this goes in a switch, obstensively uses comware, and I couldn't find another forum, figured I'd start asking here first.


1. The "front" of the card as 2 GE interfaces and 2XGE ports. Both labeled 1 and 2 (combo). However when I look at the inventory, the car tells me it has the following:


 [FIXED PORT] GE0/1(Hardware)Ver.A,     (Driver)1.0,    (Cpld)4.0
 [FIXED PORT] GE0/2(Hardware)Ver.A,     (Driver)1.0,    (Cpld)4.0
 [FIXED PORT] XGE0/1(Hardware)Ver.A,    (Driver)1.0,    (Cpld)4.0
 [FIXED PORT] XGE0/2(Hardware)Ver.A,    (Driver)1.0,    (Cpld)4.0
 [FIXED PORT] XGE0/3(Hardware)Ver.A,    (Driver)1.0,    (Cpld)4.0
 [FIXED PORT] XGE0/4(Hardware)Ver.A,    (Driver)1.0,    (Cpld)4.0


Any idea which port is which on the front?  I'm assuming the XGE marked "2" is the XGE0/2 port... however...


2.  I can't connect to the XGE port as the standard SFP+ units I use (JD092B) and (JD095C) both come up with


%Apr  1 04:20:14:448 2015 HP OPTMOD/4/MODULE_IN:
 GigabitEthernet0/2: The transceiver is UNKNOWN_SFP.




Since I seem to be in documentation hell, first off do I even have the correct SPF+ part numbers for this card?  Everything else we have (all the other A7500 cards, A5800s, A6602s, etc) all use the two SPF+ numbers above (first is optical, second is hardwired).


It would be really really sad if they use different GBICs than everything else in the H3C lineup use...




Second big question... If XGE 0/1 and XGE 0/2 are the two ports on the front of the card, where the heck are XGE 0/3 and XGE 0/4 located?

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Re: JG372A - SecBlade III questions on installation

The ports on the front of the module are gig combo ports, meaning you can use either the RJ45 or the SFP port but not both at the same time. They are Gig only.


The 4 10Gig ports connect to the backplane of the switch. You use VLANs to plumb them where every you need to.


Does that help?





Re: JG372A - SecBlade III questions on installation

Ah, so those are SFP, not SFP+ ports... ok... so the "internal" ports, how do you plumb those to the A7500 internally?  Of course as far as I can tell, there is no documentation to find (have been looking for the last few hours).  Are they supposed to show up on the switch backplane somehow?


Looking closer at the A7500, I now see:


[SC9-CORE-SW]display device manuinfo chassis 1

Slot 7:
 DEVICE_NAME          : HP 10500/11900/7500 20Gbps VPN FW Mod JG372A
 MAC_ADDRESS          : NONE
 MANUFACTURING_DATE   : 2014-05-24
 VENDOR_NAME                    : HP


along with the following interfaces:








So just experimenting, I did the following:


interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/7/0/1
 port link-mode bridge
 description SECBLADE III port ???
 port link-type trunk
 undo port trunk permit vlan 1
 port trunk permit vlan 11


and on the SecBLADE III I did:


interface Ten-GigabitEthernet0/1.11
 vlan-type dot1q vid 11
 ip address


however that doesn't seem to work... other suggestions on how to "wire" these together?





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