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L3 Multicast not working


L3 Multicast not working


I have been trying to implement multicast routing on a network with a 10504 switch without much success.

My topology is really simple: I have two vlans, vlan 36 and vlan 9 configured on two ports in access mode. For each of this vlan, the 10504 switch is the default gateway. The port configured with vlan 9 has the multicast receiver attached and port configured with vlan 36  has the multicast sender attached.
I have configured the 10504 to use IGMP and PIM DM.
When I display the pim routing table, multicast routing table and multicast forwarding table everything seems ok. When I ping from the multicast sender to the multicast group (, I am able to see the icmp packet arriving at the receiver. However, when I use a a udp application to stream some contents, the udp packets never reach the multicast receivers.
When using a sniffer to see where the multicast traffic stops I see that it enters the vlan 36 (connected to the sender) interface but never goes out the vlan9 interface (connected to the receiver).

Configuration in attach


Below is the topoogy with more detail:

Multicast Source: multicasting to
if vl36:
|Switch 10504 (L3 switch w/ igmp,pim dm)                 |
if vl9:
Multicast Receiver: listening to

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Re: L3 Multicast not working

Could you check these outputs:

display igmp group

display pim routing-table

display multicast routing-table




Re: L3 Multicast not working

If I understand well your diagram the source and receiver(s) are directly connected in the same switch.

Do the following, and take note:


display pim interface
display pim neighbor
display pim routing-table


The outputs will give clue of what is going on.


Apart from  multicast routing on the vpn-instance " public net" (global routing), you need:


on the receiver(s) vlan interface : igmp enable and pim dm

On the source vlan interface : pim dm ONLY