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LACP for 12 Port

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LACP for 12 Port


I have Two HP 5940 switch running in IRF,

I used one Aruba 2930F as L2.

I need to configure 6 ports as LACP from  switch-1 and 6 ports from switch-2 in one group.

Since only 8 port is possible to configure LACP, I need to make 4 links as redundance. if i remove 2 links from each switch.

Is it possible to configure 12 ports in one LACP group...?

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Re: LACP for 12 Port

you should be able to

-On 5940 switch set the maximum number of selected ports to 8

[HP-Bridge-Aggregation2]link-aggregation selected-port maximum ?
  INTEGER<1-32>  Specify the maximum number
[HP-Bridge-Aggregation2]link-aggregation selected-port maximum 8

 and then assign 12 physical ports to your bridge aggregation group as per usual procedure

I'm not sure about aruba but if it runs comware I guess same steps would apply

check this out aswell: