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LACP link beetween A500 and 2510G - problem

Slawek Owoc
Occasional Advisor

LACP link beetween A500 and 2510G - problem


I know topic but I have (I think) a bit more complicated config

Two switches connected using LACP trunk. SW60 is a A5500 switch and SW57 is a ProCurve switch.

In my network vlan 50 is a Mgmt network and only in this vlan I prefer to have "mgmt" traffic.

[SW60]dis interface Vlan-interface 50
Vlan-interface50 current state: UP
Line protocol current state: UP
Description: Vlan-interface50 Interface
The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500
Internet Address is Primary

[SW60]dis interface Bridge-Aggregation
 Bridge-Aggregation1 current state: DOWN
 IP Packet Frame Type: PKTFMT_ETHNT_2, Hardware Address: 4431-920b-6dd2
 Description: LACP uplink
 Unknown-speed mode, unknown-duplex mode
 Link speed type is autonegotiation, link duplex type is autonegotiation
 PVID: 1
 Port link-type: trunk
  VLAN passing  : 1(default vlan), 50
  VLAN permitted: 1(default vlan), 2-4094
  Trunk port encapsulation: IEEE 802.1q

[SW60-Bridge-Aggregation1]display link-aggregation verbose
Loadsharing Type: Shar -- Loadsharing, NonS -- Non-Loadsharing
Port Status: S -- Selected, U -- Unselected
Flags:  A -- LACP_Activity, B -- LACP_Timeout, C -- Aggregation,
        D -- Synchronization, E -- Collecting, F -- Distributing,
        G -- Defaulted, H -- Expired

Aggregation Interface: Bridge-Aggregation1
Aggregation Mode: Dynamic
Loadsharing Type: Shar
System ID: 0x8000, 4431-920b-6dd2
  Port             Status  Priority Oper-Key  Flag
  GE1/0/31         U       32768    1         {A}
  GE1/0/32         U       32768    1         {A}
  Actor            Partner Priority Oper-Key  SystemID               Flag
  GE1/0/31         48      0        49        0x1000, c8cb-b880-1000 {ACEFG}
  GE1/0/32         47      0        49        0x1000, c8cb-b880-1000 {ACEFG}

[SW60-Bridge-Aggregation1] dis this
interface Bridge-Aggregation1
 description LACP uplink
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan all
 link-aggregation mode dynamic

[SW60]display lldp neighbor-information list

System Name          Local Interface Chassis ID      Port ID
-                    GE1/0/27        a063-91a1-dd8f  g3
SW57                 GE1/0/31        c8cb-b880-1000  48
SW57                 GE1/0/32        c8cb-b880-1000  47

  Default Gateway     :

  VLAN Name    MAC Address         | IP Address
  ------------ ------------------- + -------------------
  DEFAULT_VLAN c8cbb8-801000       | Disabled
  Mgmt         c8cbb8-801000       |

SW57# sh vlans 50

 Status and Counters - VLAN Information - Ports - VLAN 50

  VLAN ID : 50
  Name : Mgmt
  Status : Port-based
  Jumbo : No

  Port Information Mode     Unknown VLAN Status
  ---------------- -------- ------------ ----------
  1                Untagged Learn        Down
  44               Tagged   Learn        Down
  45               Tagged   Learn        Up
  46               Tagged   Learn        Down
  Trk1             Tagged   Learn        Up

SW57# sh vlans ports trk1

 Status and Counters - VLAN Information - for ports Trk1

  VLAN ID Name                 Status       Jumbo
  ------- -------------------- ------------ -----
  50      Mgmt                 Port-based   No

SW57# sh trunks

 Load Balancing

  Port | Name                             Type      | Group Type
  ---- + -------------------------------- --------- + ----- -----
  47   | uplinki                          100/1000T | Trk1  LACP
  48   | uplinki                          100/1000T | Trk1  LACP

SW57# sh lacp


   PORT   LACP      TRUNK     PORT      LACP      LACP
   ----   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
   47     Active    Trk1      Up        No        Success
   48     Active    Trk1      Up        No        Success


Why trunk doesn't carry traffic? how to troubleshoot it more deeply?




Respected Contributor

Re: LACP link beetween A500 and 2510G - problem


Post the output of the following commands:

dis int gig 1/0/31
dis int gig 1/0/32