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LLDP MIB - Interface OID

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LLDP MIB - Interface OID

I'm a noob in this field and just threw myself over mapping interface information using SNMP and LLDP.
I'd like to map specific information on each interface, Local Port ID, Remote Port ID, Remote System Name and so on, but my issue here is - how do I know the OID specific for the port and the LLDP instance I want for the unused ports? Of course I can do a snmpwalk and get the information about all the used ports.

Like for instance Local Port ID is 'easy', the OID for port 1 is 1.0.8802. and for port 2 the last number is 2 and so on. If the 2 switches are IRF-stacked the 2/1/1 port's "last number" in the OID is 206 and port 2/1/2 is 207 - pretty straight forward. So I am able to map these ports even if they are unused therefore able to poll this information every x minut and see if any changes are made (any devices connected for this instance, either it's "No such instance..." or "Interface x/x/x)

Then it comes to, everything else(?), and this logic seems to be thrown to the ground or I lack the information to see the pattern. That's where you come in, hopefully.
With the Remote System Name for example with port 1/1/1 (on the device I poll the OID from) is 1.0.8802. and with port 1/2/1 (which is connected to the same device as 1/1/1) the OID is 1.0.8802. where the 33 almost at the end is the same as the last number in the OID for the Local Port ID. The numbers in bold seems to me as to appear out of nowhere - the Remote System Name OID for port 1/1/3 is 1.0.8802. so quite the difference between the Remote System Name OID for 1/1/1 and 1/1/3.

So my (very related) questions are:
What's the logic behind the numbers in bold above, if there is any, or is it possible to get a list of the OID specific for the specific port and LLDP information I want to poll?
Is it (numbers in bold) generated for the specific device connected? (I sure don't hope so, this would ruin my little project)
Is it possible to use a single OID to poll specific information, like Remote System Name, for a specific port and either get the specific information for the OID or get nothing?

Every information you have on this topic is appreciated.

I've read RFCs and used Google many times without luck, about the RFC I'm not sure that I fully understand them - either it's my english or networking knowledge - or lack thereof.

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Re: LLDP MIB - Interface OID

Well I can see that the formatting isn't really showing so the deal with refering to the numbers in bold doesn't make any sense :).

The numbers I'm wondering about is the 21949 of 1.0.8802., the 23294 of 1.0.8802. and the 59050544 of 1.0.8802.