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Linking 4800G switches via 10 GbE

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Linking 4800G switches via 10 GbE

Hi guys

I have the following hardware that I am trying to link:

Swiches: JD008A
Modules: JD368B (SFP+ 10 GbE)
Transceivers: J9150A (SFP+ 10 GbE)

When I link two identically configured switches with both with the latest firmware, the links do not come up. When I look at the fiber cables I am bales to see light at both ends of the cable so the fiber is fine. The links just don't want to come up for some reason.

Any ideas?
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Re: Linking 4800G switches via 10 GbE



your problem probably is that you have unsupported transceivers. For your ex-3Com switch (4800-24G PoE switch) and 10GbE SFP+ module there are these official supported transceivers:


JD092B HP X130 10G SFP+ LC SR Transceiver
JD093B HP X130 10G SFP+ LC LRM Transceiver
JD094B HP X130 10G SFP+ LC LR Transceiver


The transceivers you are using are for ex-ProCurve switches and even if ProCurve and H3C/3Com are now under the one roof the signatures are still not unified and think it is not technical problem but some legal and law issues.


I have some news that there should be new series of transceivers in future with new signature that should be common for all products but don't know when.